Get Your Modern Farmhouse Paint On…but Wait!

Modern Farmhouse

Everybody is going crazy for that modern farmhouse look, thanks to Joanna Gaines and HGTV.  We have customers’ calling everyday, ready to transform their fixer upper into a modern farmhouse.  We love watching a house easily transform with a new paint color.  Here are a couple of tips to remember when hiring for your next makeover.  Get Joanna Gaines Paint Colors


Pick your colors and sheen finishes with the contractor before you sign or put a deposit down on a contract.  Specify the brand if you have a preference. Be sure your finishes and colors are on the contract prior to signing. This will help prevent a communication issue when the painter is finished.


Paint prices

Paint gets more expensive as you go from flat to gloss. The difference is usually around $1 per gallon per sheen upgrade. Flat is the cheapest, then matte flat or eggshell, satin, semigloss then gloss. Paint also gets much more expensive the darker it gets. A white or neutral paint color can be as much as $20 less expensive than a deep base red or blue.

Paint coverage issues

Most of the time you can look at the condition of a wall and its color and tell if the new color will cover in two coats, but sometimes you can be surprised. If your contractor is almost finished with a project and realizes that your walls need another coat and it’s not on the contract, it will be a very expensive third coat.

Make sure you specify with your contractor on the original proposal the exact pricing of additional coats.

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