Adding Texture to Your Wall

Textured Walls Trending

Adding texture to your wall adds drama and is an inexpensive design feature that can change the entire look and feel of a room.  Pallet walls are trending but beyond that, a homeowner can have a feature wall that is relatively  cheap but looks expensive.  With the TV show “Fixer Upper” making shiplap walls extremely popular, I don’t see this trend going away anytime soon.

Pinterest Changed Everything

Never before have we had so many home design photos at our fingertips.  Before Pinterest and the IoT, we used magazines and individual websites to try to find inspiration for improving our homes.  Only the wealthy could afford to hire a designer to come in and create a space that suited their personality.  Now, with google and Pinterest, you are only limited by your imagination and the speed of your internet.

My clients love Pinterest, and frankly, so do.  It helps cut down on communication issues by having a visual tool to understand what they are hoping for.  I also find that the home owner has typically used Pinterest to do a significant amount of research.  I like a home owner who truly knows what they want and has a clear understanding of the process.  It makes the quoting process much more seamless.

I also love the challenge of taking that picture and making it come to life.  In the attached picture, which is my finished product, the home owner wanted a textured wall and they had a picture  (on the left) and our finished product is on the right.  The client picked the paint and stain colors and the amount of boards on the wall.

If you’d like to have your Pinterest project come to life or add texture to your walls, call me at 513-404-8154 or email me at



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