Get Tin-spired

Tin is not just for ceilings anymore. Give your room some vintage style. From backsplashes to wallpaper, tin is in! Here are some ways our customers are mixing it up.

Here are the top ways tin is being used today:

Classic ceiling treatment Tin tile is being used to update the traditional white ceiling. An embossed metal tile that is monochromatic can be nicely paired with a simple subway tile or a more elaborate tile without overwhelming the space. We love bringing the old tin tiles that once covered ceilings everywhere as they surged in popularity at the turn of the 20th century and now fixer-uppers everywhere have started to re-imagine their beauty in homes across the globe!

Awesome accent wall Tin tile accent walls are the new shiplap. The accent walls are popping up in bathrooms, bedrooms and family rooms. The tin tile backdrops allow homeowners to flaunt their style from Art Deco-influences from the 1920s or ’30s cottage or that rustic farmhouse look that Joanna Gaines made so popular. We’re loving the looks!

Beautiful backsplash Metallics and mixed metals go with every design trend, so tin tile backsplashes are fashionably showing up, behind the kitchen counter. They are easy to wipe clean and maintain and, unlike ceramic tile, there’s no grout to support mildew. We’re on team tin tile!

Furniture with Flare Furniture flippers everywhere are adding tile to their flips. From coffee tables, headboards, armoires and buffets their finding a piece of furniture on Facebook adding tin and creating a custom piece of good quality wood furniture.

Kitchen Island Character So you’re upgrading to a farmhouse white kitchen. You’ve always dreamed of a custom kitchen island. Wrap it in a rustic tin and you’ll have a one-of-a-kind dream kitchen. We love the metal tin paired with a butcher block top.

We want to hear from you! What other ways are you savvy do it yourself designers using to to tinspire others! If you are interested in an estimate an you are in the Cincinnati area, visit our website

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