How to Prep Your House for a Graduation Party

Graduation season will be here soon! If you have a grad in your family, then you know what that means: You’ll need to throw him or her a graduation party. But first, you may want to get some of your home improvement projects of the way so that your home is ready to go for guests. How do you choose which projects to do? Here are some tips to help get you through grad party season!

If you’re going to hire professionals, you need to know that they are booking for spring jobs now. So you’re going to want to get your estimates and down payments set up now so you’ll be on their schedule. We’re going to help you with four tips so you don’t feel overwhelmed for the big day. Here’s how you can think about it. Graduation is a once-in-a-lifetime event. No matter what home improvement projects you tackle or how you decide to decorate, when the day comes, remember to relax and enjoy this milestone!

4 Home Improvement Tips

  1. The Gathering Spot- The Kitchen– One thing all graduation parties have in common is the food. If you’re like most families, guests spend a large amount of time gathered in the kitchen. Which means that if you have been putting off a kitchen remodel, now is the time to get it done. If you have the budget, shoot for the full remodel: Cabinets, new fixtures, the works. Otherwise, you can keep costs down by doing simpler projects that freshen the space, like a new backsplash, a coat of paint on the walls and cabinets or cool new light fixtures. Estimated professional remodel $10-$20K, Facelift $3-$5K
  2. Are You Hosting an Outdoor Graduation Party? Graduation season is the best time of year to host outdoor events — not too hot, not too chilly! If you plan to host your party outside, then you may want to think about your outdoor living space. This should be your second priority, right after the kitchen. Now is the time to build that deck or patio you have been dreaming about or does it just need powerwashed, land scaped, and extra lighting or new pillows? If you already have an outdoor living space you love, then you may consider upgrades like building an outdoor kitchen or a covered patio with a new grill or appliance to handle all the cooking that you’ll do on the day of the party.
  3. Get Your Bathrooms Ready With all of the other preparation for the party, you may not want to shell out for a full bathroom remodel right now. There are, however, things you can do to update the bathroom that your guests will be using. Most of us have a half bath that our guests use. Estimated professional full remodel is $3K-$5K
    • If the faucet on your bathroom sink is old and worn, consider replacing it to brighten up the sink area.
    • Bathroom walls are notorious for becoming dingy over the years. Fresh paint definitely can’t hurt.
    • To add some personality to the room, you can replace the medicine cabinet or mirror with something new and modern.
    • Last but not least, make sure to check all of the bathroom’s caulking — around the sink, the seams in your tub’s surround, along the base of the toilet. These are spots notorious for catching dirt and grime so by cleaning or replacing the caulking, you can make your bathroom look much fresher.

No budget and Low Key Party

If you’re reading this list and you’re feeling overwhelmed and not able to make the improvements, here’s a quick checklist to make sure you’re ready before guests show up.

  1. Get the decorations up and, if appropriate, set out a sign or balloons by the road to help guests find the party.
  2. Prepare the food and set out coolers with beverages.
  3. Stock bathrooms with toilet paper and towels.
  4. Put some background music on.

Either way, the day will be perfect and your grad will appreciate spending time with family and friends.

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